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"Keren Ilan’s raw debut single “This Morning, Yesterday” reflects on how we deal with difficulty, channeling longing, loss, and bottled-up pain through an expressive array of indie rock charm." 

״There is a vibe to the melody that makes you feel like you have always known it. The melting pot of guitars, horns and drums is a wonderful sonic experience that you can’t help but love.״

״So full of rich emotion, delivered with indie guitars that leave you always wanting more, ‘This Morning, Yesterday’ is a firm favourite of mine right now.״

״Keren Ilan “This Morning, Yesterday” is a song that’s brilliant in it’s articulation as she digs deep and crafts together a beautiful record that’s honest and real.״

״With striking weary vocals and raw guitar, it’s dreamy and melancholic with the leaden weight of memories saturated in her surroundings as she carries on, lifeless and alone.״
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